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Serial Killer or Hoaxer?

This website was created in early 2004, with the aim of collating and presenting the known evidence regarding the purported crimes of 'Peter Marlin' (real name unknown). I should make it clear from the outset that I am not Peter Marlin. Nor, at present, do I know his true identity, his whereabouts, or the veracity of his claims, though it is both my hope and my stated intention to establish the truth of these matters in due course, should that prove to be possible. This website is a step toward that end.

My own background is that of a journalist currently living and working in the East Anglia region of the UK, and it is in this capacity that I first became aware of, and subsequently involved in, the Peter Marlin case. Not through choice, I might add. To my knowledge I am the first person to have attempted any form of investigation into the claims made by this man, and indeed, I may even be the first to have heard these claims. For the time being I wish to remain anonymous, for what I hope will be understandable reasons. This situation may change, but for now I will not be posting any personally identifiable information about myself here. Nor will I respond to requests for such information.

The Peter Marlin story is essentially a simple one, yet it raises some disturbing questions, chief amongst them being: is it possible for a serial killer to have been operating unchallenged in Suffolk for more than three years, without attracting the attention of law enforcers, the media, or even the public at large? On the surface this may seem a ludicrous proposition, and indeed the case may ultimately prove to be nothing more than an elaborately executed hoax, but whilst significant doubt remains, further investigation is surely imperative. Complacency is a luxury we can ill afford.

Those new to the case should start by reading the full story from the beginning. Visitors more familiar with the facts and history may prefer to study the documentary evidence, which I have spoken about previously, but which I am now choosing to make available to the general public for the first time via this website. This includes the letters I have received from the man claiming to be Peter Marlin, plus photographs, and transcripts of both telephone conversations and significant interviews I have carried out. It is my hope that this website will stand as some form of public record, both of the events of the past few months, and any developments yet to come.

If you have any new and relevant information regarding the facts of this case, you may contact me by clicking here and using the form provided. Please be aware however that due to the high volume of mail I receive, I am unable to respond to all e-mails, and therefore ask that you get in touch only if you have something meaningful to add, or can shed new light on some aspect of the case. Those comments which merit a wider audience, or which I feel will be of interest to other visitors, will be posted here. Whilst I welcome comments and suggestions, regrettably I lack the time to enter into personal correspondence, and those wishing to share their thoughts and opinions may therefore be better served by one of the many internet discussion forums which exist on the web. The East Anglian Daily Times hosts one such forum. Please feel free to debate the details of the case there, or elsewhere. Thank you.

~ Webmaster, February 2004

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