The Subway Interview
Friday, 12th September 2003, 10:25pm

Me: I see the rain's started...

[No response]

Just as well you can come down here, I suppose.

[I stop and light a cigarette]


Man #1: You're free with your fags.

Me: Well, you know, just doing my bit...

Man #1: Yeah, yeah, helping the homeless... right. Well thanks but no thanks.

Me: It's ok. I ought to give up the bloody things anyway.

[He nods]

Man #1: Death sentence.

Me: Too right.

Man #1: But good enough for us...

Me: No, I just thought... well, you know, one good turn...

Man #1: Oh yeah? Fucking typical. Nothing's ever for free is it mate.

Me: No, I didn't mean... I was just being friendly.

Man #1: And just passing.

Me: Yeah.

[There is a pause]

Man #1: Blockbuster out of videos are they?

[I realise I am not carrying any tapes following my visit to the video shop]

Me: Ok, fair enough. Look, I was just after some information, that's all.

Man #1: We don't do information.

Me: A chap called John sent me here. Said I should talk to you. Do you know a John?

Man #2: Like he said, we don't do information.

Me: I don't know if that was his real name.

Man #1: It sounds to me like you don't know much at all mate.

Me: No. Probably not. Which is why I'm here. Do you know of a man named Peter Marlin?

Man #1: It was John a minute ago.

Man #2: The poor bastard can't make up his mind.

Me: John was the man I spoke to. But the name Marlin, Peter Marlin? Does it mean anything to you?

Man #1: Look mate, it's not our job to find your missing kid. Chances are he don't want to be found.

Me: No, I'm not looking for a missing person. It's just the name Marlin. I thought you may have heard it. Peter Marlin? The PM man?

[There is a significant pause and exchange of glances between the men]

Man #1: No. I've never heard it.

[He turns to Man #2]

You heard it?

Man #2: No, me neither. Means nothing to me. Sorry mate.

Man #1: Seems you'd better look elsewhere.

Me: You're sure? The PM man? You haven't heard-

[He interrupts me]

Man #1: I said no didn't I? Look mate, we haven't heard of your friend, and we can't help you, so why don't you do us all a favour and piss off?

Me: Ok. Fair enough. But if you change your mind, get in touch, yeah?

[I hand him my business card. Without examining it, he tears it in two and discards the pieces on the ground]

Man #1: I can't change my mind if I don't know nothing, can I.

Me: I just thought-

Man #2: You heard him, mate. Now take a hint and fuck off out of here, will you.

[I put out my cigarette]

Me: Ok, I'm going...

[I leave]

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