Call Two - Monday, 15th September 2003, 9:14am

Me: [My own name], may I help you?


PM: Good morning.

Me: Morning. Can I help you?

PM: I see you got my photograph.

Me: Photograph...

PM: You are not stupid, Mr [my own name]. So why do you pretend to be?

Me: Mr Marlin. I presume that's who I'm speaking to?

PM: Of course.

Me: Yes, I got your photograph.

PM: So why do you continue to act the fool?

Me: I'm not sure I'm with you, Mr Marlin.

PM: Silence is not an option, Mr [my own name]. I expect you to tell. That is your function here.

Me: Ok, well as I've said to you before, you need to give me a lot more to go on. We need to talk for a start. I don't really have anything here.


PM: I saw you in the park.

[I pause]

Me: Right...

PM: Perhaps you think I am stupid?

Me: No... no, I don't think that.

PM: You have some photographs of your own, yes?

Me: A few. But I don't know what they show. Ok, so I found the tree, that's what you wanted, right? But now what? I don't know what I'm looking at. You're going to have to fill me in here.

PM: Don't take me for a fool, Mr [my own name].

Me: I'm not, but why the cryptic clues? You have something to tell me, so tell me.

PM: You spoke with the derelict.

Me: The derelict?

PM: This is not good enough, Mr [my own name]. I expect more from you.

Me: Well that goes both ways. Look, Mr Marlin, I'm not interested in playing games here. If you want to tell me something, tell me, but let's not waste each other's time.


PM: You are playing a very dangerous game, Mr [my own name]. I suggest you do your job.

Me: Meaning?

PM: Take note.



[The line goes dead]

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